lebon it services

Eddy Lebon, managing director of Lebon It Services

“It is time to move from the first to the second generation, and this transitional phase showed to be too precarious to challenge by ourselves. I heard Conny Vandendriessche founded a new company and I called her. Stella P. proved to be a good listener, and they provided us with a detailed profile description, which eventually leaded to a new advisory board. The members of the advisory board challenge me, and also the second generation, to become even more professional and commercial, which is a very positive influence.”



Tom Van de Voorde, Partner, Smart Industries

“A wonderful judge of character, a great ability for listening and a swiftness in their work. These were the factors of success to complete the task of finding a new board member for Grandeco, which was the demand from Gimv towards Conny/Stella P, in order to continue the professional development of the board of directors at Grandeco. The shortlist contained three candidates, and each of them were in possession of an interesting profile and an engaging perspective. This caused the selection to be difficult, since all presented candidates seemed to be extremely adequate. The candidates were briefed in a professional way, and we also experienced a competent set of communication skills. Altogether, we were very satisfied with the provided services.”





Laurence Taillieu

“Conny, pioneer of Accent, fills the lack of professionalism in order to build better boards…”



Dirk Vermunicht

“The importance of a well-functioning board of directors or advisory board which includes external specialists cannot be underestimated. Conny, an experienced, passionate and successful entrepreneur, driven by her competences to track down talents and to evaluate them, planted the seed which is called Stella P., a very promising company which seems to develop into yet another success story.”